Cynthia Lidy, FNP

located in Lynwood, CA

About Cynthia Lidy, FNP

Cynthia Y. Lidy is Family Nurse Practitioner that started We Care More Family Clinic and We Care More Il Family Clinic in 2003. Affectionately called Cynthia, she is a dedicated FNP with a passion for her family, her community and her businesses. 

Cynthia is from Chicago, IL where she graduated from Mennonite College of Nursing in 1985 With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 1988 and continued her education at California State University, Long Beach, receiving a Master's of Science degree in Nursing in Women's Health as a Nurse Practitioner. After working as a Nurse Prac titioner for a few years Cynthia chose to pursue her Post Graduate degree in Family Practice in order to take care of the entire family. 

Because Cynthia is a dedicated FNP with a passion for her family, her community, and her business she started her businesses in underserved communities in order to provide exceptional, quality care to the entire family. 

Cynthia enjoys volunteering and giving back to her community, she also loves to travel and spending time with her family. She cares more. 

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