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Primary Care Practice & Family Practice located in Lynwood, CA

The team at We Care More Family Clinic offers primary care to adults from in and around Compton and Lynwood, California.

Primary Care Q & A

Why is primary care important?

Your primary care provider (PCP) is responsible for protecting and preserving your overall health and wellbeing. Your PCP develops and maintains an intimate knowledge of you and your health history. The annual exam is an important part of primary care as it gives you an opportunity to review your health and discuss any concerns with your PCP. Your provider will review your appearance and vital signs and combine that knowledge with your medical and family history, and make suggestions to help you live your best and healthiest life.

What is included in primary care?

An annual exam is the cornerstone of effective primary care. During an annual exam, your provider reviews your medical history and asks questions about your lifestyle, including tobacco usage, alcohol consumption, sexual health, diet, exercise, and vaccination status. Your PCP checks your vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature to gauge your health. Maintaining a relationship with the same provider not only allows that provider to know and understand your health history but also allows you to develop a sense of trust with the provider so that you’re able, to be frank, and honest about your health needs. If the provider suspects any issues or conditions, further testing may be ordered. You should prepare for your exam by gathering any documentation your provider will need to see including:

  • Insurance cards
  • Driver’s license or ID
  • A list of medications being taken
  • Completed new patient information forms, if available
  • A glucose meter, if used

What kinds of questions should I ask my primary care provider?

  • What screenings should I have?
  • Are all of my signs within normal limits?
  • What are the best ways to manage my health?
  • What conditions do I have a higher risk of developing?
  • Is my health better, worse or the same since my last visit?
  • What symptoms should I look out for, considering my age and medical history?
  • What one change should I make to have the biggest improvement in my health?

Accepted Insurance

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Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Shield
Family PACT
Health Net
LA Care
SCAN Health Plan
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