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The team of Physician and Nurse Practitioners provide excellent care to patients of all ages including children at We Care More Family Clinic. Parents from Compton and Lynwood, California can bring their children to the practice for thorough well-child exams and more.

Well Child Exams Q & A

What are well child exams?

A well-child exam is an annual check-up for patients under the age of 18. While many of the health checks are similar to those for adults, well child exams also evaluate the young patient’s developmental health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Children’s bodies change dramatically as they progress through childhood and adolescence, so regular exams help to ensure the child is developing on a regular schedule while also protecting their overall health and wellbeing with regular tests. These exams provide a record of your child’s health and development and are an opportunity for any vaccinations or other regular treatments to be carried out.

How often is a well child exam needed?

Most children over the age of 2 have an annual well child exam. These routine visits help to prevent disease through vaccination, early detection and treatment of disorders, and management of chronic conditions. Pediatricians are able to help patients manage a variety of problems including:

  • Developmental delays and disorders
  • Behavioral problems
  • Functional disabilities
  • Social stressors
  • Mental disorders including depression and anxiety

What is a developmental screening?

A developmental screening enables a healthcare provider to monitor a child’s social and mental development. These procedures aim to check the child’s cognitive skills, his or her fine and gross motor skills, speech and language development and social-emotional development. It helps to tell if a child is learning basic skills within appropriate timeframes. The screening is usually carried out with a questionnaire for the parents or an observational session to learn more about the child’s development. The screening is standardized and aims to identify if further evaluation and support may be necessary at an early age so the child and parents are able to access the services and programs available as well as promote understanding about the child’s well-being.

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